DigiBuzz Music has contracted some of the best engineers in the world! Our mix engineers have worked with major artists including 50 Cent, Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne, King Los, Big Sean, Bobby Valentino and more. If you need your song mixed and/or mastered professionally, just shoot us an email with "Mix" in the subject line, a copy of the song and details. We will then send u an invoice and have you send us your session or tracked out stems. Our turn around time is usually 48 hours to 1 week (depending on work load).

Producers - We go beyond just making your rough mix sound better. You're paying us to hear the things that you don't hear. In addition to giving every instrument in your song space and definition, we take the time to make every section of your song sound interesting. You spent the time to get everything just right, now make sure your work is mixed just right.

Artists - We give your voice that special magic that makes you sound like a star. 

Independent Labels - When one person mixes the entire album the project has a more cohesive sound. It give your artists that edge that helps them compete on the radio and in the headphones of all the listeners out there. Plus, our pricing makes it affordable to give your projects that expensive sound the big labels have and you can stay within your budget.

Why let DigiBuzz Music mix/master your song?

1. Price - It's cheaper than renting out the studio, finding and paying the right engineer, and hoping it all gets done in the time you paid for.

2. Time - When we send you a mix to review, you can take as much time as you like to make sure you love it. You don't have to approve a mix only to listen to it the next day and hear something thats not right.

3. Quality - You get the same quality as you would get in a big studio. Without the time restrictions and the price.

4. Mastering - All mixes include Mastering services.

5. Know Your Engineer - Most mixes are done by DigiBuzz' owner J.Bonkaz and in house pro engineers. He is available by phone, email and Skype to discuss your mix and to ensure you get the sound you're looking for. If your song is mixed by one of our in house engineers you will be able to communicate with him or her to ensure you get everything just right. All mixes are checked for quality before they are sent to you.

6. Money Back Guarantee - We will work with you to get the exact sound you are looking for. If you are not completly happy with the mix we will refund your money. 

Not convinced??? We will email you samples of our work upon request.

We use a combination of digital and analog mixing to bring you the best sound and flexibility. We mix "inside the box" because that keeps the prices affordable, gives us the flexibility to recall your mix and makes it easier for us to keep up with our heavy work flow. Analog summing gives us that big desk sound so we can have the best of both analog and digital worlds. We mix in Pro Tools or Logic Pro and use all the best high end plug-ins and outboard gear. 

We have 3 mix packages to suit your needs, from small projects to large sessions with lots of tracks its up to you. Once you choose a package there are no hidden fees and nothing else to add on, revisions and all versions of the mix are included. If your song does not fit into these packages email or call us for a quote. All online audio mix packages now include Mastering services.


Standard Mix $75.00 per song.

Perfect for demos, mix tapes, music you're shopping, or music for MySpace, or Facebook. We do a lot of these mixes. This package is a good choice for artists that recorded their vocals over a 2 track instrumental. Package includes:

- 24 track limit
- Auto Tune (if needed)
- Full mix, instrumental, and TV mix for live performance included.
- Mastering included

Standard Mix Plus $100.00 per song.

Our most popular package. Perfect for demos, EPs, mix tapes, music you're shopping, and commercial releases. Package includes:

- Auto Tuning vocals, Vocalign and vocal editing 
- 48 track limit
- Full mix, Instrumental, Acapella and Show mix for live performances are included.
- Mastering included

Pro Mix $200.00 per song.

Perfect for an album, commercial, or single release. This is for projects with up to 70 tracks. Package includes:

- Auto Tuning, Vocalign and vocal editing
- Sound replacement (if needed)
- 70 track limit
- 4 stems for future remixing
- Full mix, Instrumental, Acapella and Show mix for live performances are included.
- Mastering included


Mastering $35 per song or $200 for an album/mixtape. (Up to 20 Songs)

(If you have your songs mixed and need them to sound radio ready with professional mastering.)


Ready to get started?

Email us. Once we receive your email stating which package suits you, your session and/or zipped file(s), we will send you an invoice to get started. Turn around time for packages should be 48 hrs to one week, depending on the service you need and our work load. Thank you!!!

NOTE: Email session(s) to digibuzzmusic@gmail.comWe will not start on mix until 1/2 payment and files are received. Thank you!
Ways To Send Us Your Files: We TransferSendSpaceYouSendIt

We Look Forward To Working With You.
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