Friday, October 2, 2015

NEWS: LeBron James Tweets About Violence In Cleveland

Last night a six-month old babygirl was shot and killed in Cleveland. 
Upon being informed of the despicable incident, LeBron James had some words for the perpetrators and the Cleaveland community as a whole.

C'mon man let's do and be better! Don't fall into the trap. This can't be only way. Accept more from yourselves. #TheLand #TheNation

Innocent bystanders are often the ones who are hit the hardest. The ignorance of this crime(and others like it the nation 'round) is puncuated by the fact that the shooter is still at large.
This and other incidents are what leads to certain fears held by those outside of the black community.
Hard to argue against steretypes and false images in the media when these things happen.
To echo Mr James sentiment "Lets do and be better".

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