Monday, September 28, 2015

NEWS: George Zimmerman Is Still a Piece of Trash.

I was perusing the net looking for hip-hop news to cover, when I came upon a story. The despicable George Zimmerman Retweeted an image to twitter of Travon Martin's body, with a caption reading "Z-man is a one man army"....???(Yeah....)
I could Tweet or rant on Facebook or do a Vlog on Youtube but I decided against that.
I'd rather share it here not because it's "Newsworthy" but because its a painful reminder that Life is precious and death should not be celebrated or mocked. As a black man I am connected to Hip-Hop. Due to images in the media and stereo-types there is an inherent fear of black men and women. Hip-Hop as a culture is often singled out as a hate-filled genre. Many view rap music as pro-violent, misogynistic and ignorant.
All music and art draws from the worst of ourselves in an attempt to either rid the artist of a demon or to bring us together, as well as to embrace our singularity and similarity all the same.
The truth is that "Zman" is an idiot. His shallow, race-baiting victory lap these past few years is gross and perplexing. This is a Hip-hop blog so We'll get back to bringing you all of what that entails.
Just a bit of pain and some thoughts in between songs to bring some context to those demons inside you so you can paint better and exorcise your heart and mind. 


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