Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIGINEWS: Chris Brown Charged in Hit and Run

Chris Brown changed his Twitter pic to prove he stoopped at the accident scene
A minor traffic accident has become a major headache for singer Chris Brown.  According to the Associated Press the Los Angeles city attorney's office has charged Brown with a misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a valid license.

City attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan says the charges filed Tuesday involve a minor accident on May 21 in the San Fernando Valley.

If convicted, the pop star would face up to one year in jail.

Arraignment is scheduled for July 15 at the Van Nuys courthouse.

Brown is still on probation for the 2009 assault of on-again-off-again girlfriend Rihanna.  The disctrict attorney's office and the courts will decide if this incident is a violation.

Brown calls the charges "ridiculous" on Twitter.  

He maintains there was no hit and run because he got out of the car and exchanged information with the other driver.  He even went so far as to change his profile picture to an image which shows him at the accident scene (top).

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