Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIGINEWS: Cher's Advice to Young Celebs- You're Screwed!

Cher has two words of advice for young celebs trying to avoid the paparazzi: "You're Screwed"!

According to the Associated Press, Cher says the best they can do is find a place where no one can find them and make it their sanctuary. She says she has a fabulous house she loves and that's her sanctuary.

Cher is still performing at the age of 67. She says she doesn't have a clue as to why she's lasted this long. She says "luck has a lot to do with it."

Cher's comments come in the wake of Justin Bieber's recent run-in with paparazzi. Video from TMZ shows the 19-year old pop star hitting a cameraman as he flees a gaggle of paparazzi.  Biebs was cleared by police, who say the photographer was in the roadway.

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