Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Highly anticipated mixtape from the super-hip duo Flight1636 (JazFlow & ClickClackBang) . Features Wochee, Lady Kym, G-Nate, Watts Wages & more. Production by Sinistatraxxx, DizzyBeats, KGBeats, MigLBeats and more. Follow them on twitter @JazFlow @ClickClackAG. Any inquieries #FlightShit. Tracklist & Download below.

01. Smoke Suttin Shawty (Prod. by Flight1636)
02. Departure 4:20 (Prod. by IMadeTheBeat)
03. Flight Life (Prod. by DizzyBeatz)
04. Codiene Lust (Prod. by KG Beatz)
05. Grindin (Prod. by Sinistatraxxx)
06. RNS (Ft. G-Nate) (Prod. by MigL Beatz)
07. Better Way (Ft. Watts Wages) (Prod. by Royal Beatz)
08. I Know (Ft. Lady Kym, Stunt) (Prod. by K On Tha Track)
09. F*ck & Fight (Ft. Wochee) (Prod. by TrackSlammerz)
10. Gentlemen's Club (Prod. by ID Labs)
11. The Cool (Prod. by Motion Trax)
12. The Buckee Naked (Prod. by LexiBanks)
13. Nasty Girl (Prod. by SFTraxxx)
14. Perks of HighLife (Prod. by PurpsBeats)
15. Fly Wit Us (Prod. by Flawless Tracks)
16. Tears Drop (Ft. Dolo Pop) (Prod. by Beats Planet)
17. William P Hobby (Prod. by Johnny Juliano)

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