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Born and raised in Brooklyn NY to T. Williams, a single mother at the time, KnightPKF (born August 27, 1986) better known as his stage name, Knight, learned at an early age the lesson of hardship and struggle as he has had to face homelessness along with many other challenges. Through it all Knight never gave up. At the age of 12 in 1998 Knight found his love for music, he began free styling, which two years later at the age of 14 led to him to writing songs and then another two years he would be performing his own hip-hop songs at the age of 16. 
Being raised with his mom and other female siblings gave Knight a sensitive spot for the ladies. He was brought up to respect woman and would incorporate this in his music. With knight lyrically exposing his struggles growing up on the ruff Brooklyn streets of East NY he always made sure to write something for the ladies. Knight, always being that young original smooth operator of his time, had the young ladies quickly falling at his feet and they would become his main supporters at any show that he would perform. 
Knight's name began to ring bellĂ­s in the Brooklyn streets as the young rapper would free style showing his skills and still maintaining his pretty boy mannerisms that kept the ladies coming. Knight would soon be appearing in music videos of his peers who were rising along with him such as Lil' Mama, in which he appeared in her music video "G Slide", and super producer Timberland's hip-hop artist John Doe's "Apple Juice" music video. The DJ's began to know and become familiar with Knight's music and it was up hill from then on. 
Not wanting to wait for a major record deal, Knight came about with his own record label, "Plenty Kash Flow Ent" with Knight being the first artist on the label. Knight's first released single "You and I" produced by producer / song writer "J.Bonkaz" who has worked for artists such as 50 Cent, Bobby V, Juelz Santana and more, expressed Knight's true emotions towards women, while it also had the men fully relating.

        DJ Enuff Talks To KnightPKF

Watch the music video to "KnightPKF - Smoovin' Ft. J.Bonkaz (Prod. By J.Bonkaz)" HERE

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