Thursday, February 7, 2013

INSPIRATION: Who Are You Listening To?

Written By: @IsrealSpeaks

Who Are You Listening To?

Read: Romans 10:17

In today's society, we are bombarded everyday with hundreds of messages and influences, that affect and shape our mentality and thought process if we allow them to. The reading scripture today makes a profound statement, in saying that our faith comes by hearing the word of God.  To really get the full revelation of this scripture it's important to understand two great principles that are vital in growing our understanding of faith. The first is the principle of inevitable faith, this scripture highlights one truth. Faith can be positive or negative, its something we have no matter what we are using it for, for example let's say you have a bill that's due and you don't have the proper funds to pay it, your faith can work in either way, if you are believing you will get the money to pay it, you have positive faith working towards getting the money; if you are afraid, stressed, and don't believe you will get the funds you have negative faith that you won't be able to pay it and will attract that to yourself. The second is the principle of what goes in must come out. We as humans have a conscious and a subconscious mind, both of them are affected by what we experience through our natural senses (our sight, smell, hearing etc.). The conscious mind is our thought process that we are aware of, our subconscious is the part of our mind we are unaware of but it holds all of our belief systems. What we like, don't like, our fears, our desires are all stored in our subconscious mind which can be programmed and is constantly reprogrammed by what is put in it through experience. Now understanding these two principles we can receive a deeper understanding of this scripture and what it is saying. Faith comes by hearing the word of God, meaning if we want to have faith in God, His principles, and His love and willingness to assist us, we have to get in His word and begin feeding our spirit and mind on what He says. The more we do, the stronger our belief and trust in Him will become making it easier to activate it and see results. The thing that's important to understand is that whatever you hear and feed yourself you will have faith for. If you hang around nothing but negative people that speak negativity all the time, and doubt what the Lord is willing to do in your life it can begin molding your heart to believe that and attach faith to those negative thoughts. If you have had a history of always failing in something and haven't allowed yourself to experience different or haven't fed yourself a belief system of the opposite it can be very easy to have faith that You can never overcome or reach success in that area. That is usually the case when we are reborn in Christ, although our spirits become new, our subconscious (soul) still holds all of our belief systems and experiences from our past so in order to believe for what God says in His word concerning a specific area it requires us feeding ourselves Gods word in that area so we can begin seeing that area the way He does to activate our faith and receive our desired end. It is important to understand one of the most powerful voices if not the most powerful voice in building your faith is your own, what you speak over your situation is extremely important because it affects your faith very strongly. If we speak and declare Gods word over our lives we are releasing the power of faith in any situation we speak to. When I first came to the Lord and up to recently, I struggled with rejection issues and accepting the love of God in my heart, I had grown up without my earthly Father and lets just say I wasn't the most popular of kids growing up, so once I came to the Lord I had trouble believing He loved, desired, and accepted me even though it was written in His word. Once I discovered this principle I began declaring His word over my life concerning me and eventually over time He began opening my heart through His word to open up and receive His love. It completely transformed my life and relationship with Him. I challenge you to examine your heart and find where you have negative faith and lack the positive faith for what you desire in Gods will, where you have a problem believing what God says about you, or what He's willing to do for you. Find those areas and meditate on scriptures concerning those areas, keep speaking those scriptures to yourself so you can keep hearing them and watch the Lord expand your faith.


Heavenly Father thank you for faith, I pray you will help my unbelief. I would like for you to build my faith concerning .......say whatever it is.... I desire to fully trust you and what you say in your word, I declare freedom from my past and the ability to grow in my relationship with you. Holy Spirit reveal to me where I don't have positive faith in you or what you have spoken. Teach me more and help me to understand faith and how to activate it. Thank you so much and I receive my faith transformation in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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