Tuesday, February 5, 2013

INSPIRATION: What Are You Planting?

Written By: @IsrealSpeaks

What are you planting?

Read: Galatians 6:7-9

A few years ago I found myself at a very rough place in life, it felt like I just awoke one day and my eyes had been opened to see how far my current life was from where I desired to be. I was living with a friend of mines, working at a job i didn't like, struggling spiritually, and battling approval addiction which was keeping me from being myself. This immediately pushed me to cry out to the Lord to free me, but to also help me understand how I got where I was and how to change it. Over the next week He begin opening my eyes and my heart to understand the principle of sowing seeds. Many places throughout the bible speaks on sowing seeds and reaping a harvest. Though this is used to symbolize many things, for the most part in its simplest form it basically means what you put in you get out. He begin to show me that everything in life is a seed, from our actions to our words and even our thoughts. Our lives are just the end result (harvest) of the seeds we have previously planted. He began highlighting all of the bad seeds I had planted to get me where I was at that point. When someone wants an apple tree they don't go and plant orange seeds, if you want carrots you don't go plant figs. This may sound very obvious and simple but many of us do exactly this. We say we want to loose weight,but eat the wrong foods and don't exercise, we say we want to be closer to good, but spend our time doing everything else but spend time with Him, we say we want to change our lives but continue in the exact same lifestyle. The Lord began showing me I was battling masterbation at the time so strongly because I had planted those seeds in my life through what I watched, thought about, and did on a pretty consistent basis, I wanted to have my own business but had taken no steps to began preparing to do it. He told me the first step to changing the condition of my life was I had to decide what harvest I wanted to reap in my life. I wanted to start my own photography business and live more confidently in who i was and wanted to be. After deciding what I wanted He showed me I needed to decide what seeds I needed to plant in order to get my desired harvest. If i wanted my photography business I needed to research how to run a successful business, save for a camera, and begin building clientele, If I wanted more confidence i needed to monitor the thoughts I allowed myself to think about myself, i needed to begin  speaking positive things about myself. He led me to find scriptures in the word concerning what the Lord spoke about me and finances and I began declaring them over myself. All of these actions were seeds that began transforming my life the more I did them. It wasn't an easy process, it took time but soon enough I began seeing results and overcame little by little. The word tells us to not loose heart in good doing because we will reap in due season if we don't loose heart. This tells us that it is definitely a process but if we keep sowing the right seeds we will reap what we want. Almost every celebrity in entertainment from music to the big screen has a success story and testimony of their struggle to the top, all of them tell about their many shortcomings and rejections along the way and the success that finally came. Although they are stars today many of them started exactly where some of us are today or even lower but they kept sowing the right seeds no matter what things looked like and eventually they reaped their desired harvest. In todays microwave society we can easily tend to want everything fast, it takes discipline to keep sowing although there aren't any immediate results, but this is so necessary if we are to reap what we truly desire; it's called delayed gratification. Let the things you desire be what you meditate on and think about, visualize it even daydream about it. These mental exercises are seeds as well and will keep you motivated to keep sowing when you are tempted to get discouraged and quit. Know that satan wants to hinder us as much as possible so when you begin sowing positive seeds in your life he will try his best to discourage you, but stay close to God and keep pushing you're not alone. I challenge you to pray to the Lord and examine your life, ask the Lord to reveal what bad seeds you are planting in your life, find what it really is you want to reap in your life, what seeds you need planted to produce it and begin pursuing. Always remember God is your biggest supporter, you don't have to do it alone take everything to Him in prayer.


Heavenly Father, I pray you help me to understand what seeds I've planted to produce the things I don't want in my life. I pray you will help me to plant the right seeds to bring a change, help me to find what it really is I desire deeply in my heart, but help me to sow only into the things you approve and know will take me where I truly desire to be in my spirit, keep me from deception and help me to sow spiritual seeds in my life. I pray by your Holy Spirit you will empower and keep me encouraged. Fill me with your spirit to do your will and help me to plant the seeds that will lead me closer to you. I pray you will direct my steps and help me to trust and lean on you and your wisdom, show me what scriptures to meditate on. Help me to rise above my past and reveal all negative thinking that keeps me from advancing. I pray you clear my heart and remove all mental strongholds from my past. I thank you Lord and I look forward to the harvest that awaits me in the future, I praise you and receive it now in e name of Jesus Christ my provider, Amen.

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