Friday, February 8, 2013

INSPIRATION: Moving Forward

Written By: @IsrealSpeaks

Moving Forward

Read: Genesis 19:1-26

Yesterday we covered the concept of faith and how it is affected through what we feed our soul. So many voices and opinions contend daily for our attention and ultimately our hearts. The Lord so  dearly desires it would be His voice that molds our faith and directs how we use it, satan desires and fights for the same thing. Its so important to understand that although God has a plan for our life satan has one as well, and its our choice of which one will be established in our life. Theres a vast amount of mediums Satan uses to draw us in and bring his will to pass in our lives, but one of the greatest amongst the tools is the influence and deception of our past. Today's reading selection gives us a perfect picture of this. We see God preparing to destroy the notorious cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but before destroying them; in His mercy He spares Lot and his family by instructing them to quickly flee the city immediately and no matter what to not look back. This is symbolic of Gods mercy on us as mankind and how we were all headed for destruction and eternal punishment but He spared us and saved us from our past. It's also symbolic of Him drawing us out of the world, our sin and our hurts to give us freedom and a higher call in Him. As Lot and his family were fleeing the city, his wife in disobedience to the Lord looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt! This symbolizes the many of us who have been held back and crippled in any area of life from moving forward through our focus on the past. So many of Gods children are held back by the fears, hurts, and failures of our past. Satan loves to take these negative memories and continually remind us of them and keep us from growing. So many of us are held back by bitterness and unforgiveness from our past. Our unwillingness to forgive keeps us trapped from growing in certain areas of our life and relationship with the Lord. Its important to know that overcoming our past whether its forgiving someone or being freed from a flawed mentality is something the Lord doesn't require us to do alone or in our own strength; He actually desires we bring it to Him and allow Him to do it. For years after coming to the Lord, satan had me bound and stuck from moving forward in so many areas of my life. I was stuck in my past and didn't even realize it. Although i was a new creation, when it came down specific areas i was still living and thinking like the old flesh, although i had Gods power to strengthen me above it. For example last year I began my own business, the Lord was opening doors, and giving me great ideas to run it and get it off the ground. What held me back and hindered my business a great deal was my inability to take my focus off of my past. A part of me wasn't expecting my business to flourish and be successful because I couldn't get over the failures i had experienced years before. I had allowed those failures to convince me i wasn't able; and satan didn't hesitate to remind me of those failures and attempt to discourage and convince me I was headed for failure. This weakened my faith and motivation to push forward and actually shifted me unknowingly to begin using my faith to bring me the failure i was fearing. This is just one example of many in my life, after the Holy Spirit opened my heart to lay these doubts and fears before Him, He revealed to me what lies id been believing that hindered me from receiving what the Lord had already given me. A lot of the things we doubt and fear going without, the Lord has already given us. The only thing that keeps us from having it manifest is our own unbelief. A lot of us have been hurt by family, friends, relationships,and experiences. I feel the Lord is saying " I know you've been hurt, i know you've been misunderstood, taking advantage of and felt alone, but I am with you and if you will seek me and allow me to take you where I desire you will be in position to receive the deeper blessings of my heart." Our past has the ability to build or break us depending on how it's used, Satan uses our past to hinder and destroy our calling and potential; God uses our past to show us how good He's been to us, to encourage others through our testimony, and so much more. Please I challenge you to examine your heart and pray for the Lord to expose unbelief, and lies from the past, don't be like Lots wife don't get stuck in the past and never move forward. Remember God is with you!


Heavenly Father, I thank you for your mercy, grace, and provision. I pray you will expose to me where I don't trust you, and where I am walking in fear and unbelief. Fill me with your spirit and lift me above my past, I pray you will completely free me from the affects, and results of what from your past is hindering you.....I pray you will bring me the grace to forgive....anyone you may be holding bitterness toward.........and expose any bitterness and unforgiveness I may have in my heart I'm unaware of. I pray for a testimony and that you keep me fixed on you, Shift my focus from my past, my inabilities, and my fears and put my focus on you and your marvelous power and love for me to be free in every area of life. Your word says who the Son sets free is free indeed! I thank you I am free Lord to flow in your spirit and desires for me and I receive it all in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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