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INSPIRATION: The Inner Workings Of Man [Part 3]

Written By: @IsrealSpeaks

The Inner Workings of Man [Part 3]

Read 2 Kings15-17; Ephesians 6:12

Everyday we face struggles and opposition of different kinds, it's a part of the life experience; The more we grow in our spiritual discernment and renew our mind, we will be better equipped to handle our struggles, battles, and opposition effectively Gods way. One of the first things we must understand, is the spiritual realm, how to spiritually discern and become more spiritual minded.
God has made mankind such a unique creation, we walk in two realms of life simultaneously. Whether we are aware of it or not, we live in the spiritual and the physical realm at the same time. Our state of conciousness which rests in our soul is the medium that connects us to both realms. Every action we make affects the spiritual and physical realm at the same time. In 2 Kings we see Elisha's servant was blind to seeing what was in the spiritual realm, he believed they were outnumbered because he couldn't see Gods army that was with them. When Elisha prayed, the Lord opened her Servant's eyes to see what was in the spiritual realm. It's important to notice, although he couldn't see Gods army, it didn't change their existence. The spiritual realm is actually more real than this physical realm we live in, but because most of us can't see it, just like Elisha's servant, we doubt the true depth of its reality and existence. Our reliance on our natural senses many times limit us from seeing and hearing what lies in the spiritual realm, hindering us from understanding what is truly going on around us. What we see in the natural is only a fragment of the truth, there's so much that goes on in the spiritual realm everyday around us, that remains hidden from the naked eye. Learning to tap into, discern, and battle in the spiritual is key to growing into the potential God created us for. We must understand that life is a spiritual battle, whether we are spiritual or not; giving our life to the Lord just places us on the winning side. It is so vital to our Christian walk that we grow in our ability to understand and see things from a spiritual perspective. Without this ability many of us waste years, energy, and more battling what we see in the flesh with no real understanding of what lies behind the veil of this physical realm. This is satans tactic, satan does not want to be detected he desires that we stay connected to this physical realm and walk led by what we see. Ephesians 6 tells us "the battle we fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world, and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" this means that the conflicts we face in life always have a spiritual root and warfare behind it. Since satan is in the spiritual realm, he has to use people in the physical realm to do his will. Most of the people he uses aren't aware that their being used, we all have been used by him before whether we knew it or not. The biggest deception comes through this form of attack, because he uses humans he usually remains undetected. We look at the cashier at the supermarkets, or the co worker at the job that always has an attitude and our first reaction is to view them, as the enemy, defend ourselves and attack them back in the flesh but this is satan's trap. He knows if we stay in the flesh focused on the person and never look deeper we won't recognize its really him influencing them; therefore we would never truly fight the source of our attack but actually sin ourselves and make the situation worse. When Jesus was going through His painful crucifixion, the bible says He prayed to the Father to forgive those crucifying Him, stating they didn't know what they were doing. The Lord saw straight into the spiritual realm, He knew the Pharisees actually weren't even aware they were being used by the enemy, but satan was using their own greed and sinful hearts to influence them to kill the very one who had come to save them. Jesus knew who was really behind the attack and was able to look past the flesh to what was really happening. Many times the same people we waste energy fighting in the flesh would be set free and completely changed if we would attack satan through prayer instead of them. I challenge you to make the effort to be more aware of the spiritual realm this week, when any opposition or challenges arise turn your focus off of the physical realm and seek the Lord to show you what's happening in the spirit.


Heavenly Father, I desire to understand the spiritual realm and become more spiritually minded. I repent for the times I've retaliated in the flesh and hurt others. I thank you for your forgiveness, I pray you give me a better understanding of spiritual warfare in a way I could even teach it to others. Give me vision to spot and understand the tactics of satan and how to defeat them. I'm grateful for the divine protection you have given me and I declare protection over myself and my loved ones. Open my heart and eyes to see things more the way you do. I receive all of these blessings in name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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