Thursday, February 14, 2013

INSPIRATION: Does It Always Have To Be About You?

Written By @IsrealSpeaks

Does It Always Have To Be About You?

Genesis 4:1-17

Today's reading scripture gives great insight into a struggle many tend to have trouble understanding and overcoming. Today's scripture picks up in the middle of a conversation between Moses and God, where He was instructing Moses to head back to Egypt to free the Israelites. Shortly after God displays His power and abilities, we see Moses asking God to send someone else because he is incapable and not qualified. Although Moses had seen the greatness in God's glory through the miracles He performed before Him, Moses still looked to himself and saw how weak and incapable he was. This is a mistake many Christians including myself make that keep us from experiencing a much deeper experience with God and His almighty power. Whenever God commands us to do anything, He is willing to empower and assist us in whatever it is. We must understand that God isn't some distant being, demanding we do things for Him, but He's a loving Father that desires we experience and do things with Him; anything God asks us to do requires our dependence on Him, if we are to be fully successful and effective. Whenever we allow our focus on our own limitations to overshadow Gods power, ability, and willingness; we offend Him and cut ourselves short of truly experiencing what it means to flow in His power and grace. We can see this displayed in Gods anger after Moses petitions Him to find someone else to do His will. It's important that we understand we have all been made for a specific purpose and if God asks us to do something, He has molded us for that specific purpose and has equipped us with everything needed within us to carry that out with Him; whether we can see it or not. This truth applies to whatever it may be from our calling to walking in purity. When I first came to the Lord, I knew He wanted me to walk free of fornication and lust but when temptation would come I would focus on my own weakness and sinful nature instead of focusing on His holy power, and desire to strengthen me over it, this kept me from crying out to Him for help. I was accepting the lie I had to overcome that struggle in my own strength when God had never intended me to. The more I began to pray for strength and freedom from that struggle, He began to free me more and more over time as I continually cried out to Him to help me understand and overcome my struggle. Many times we expect to feel Gods power and strength before we take the first step, but grace which is Gods power comes after we make the first step in obedience. Obedience releases grace, look at how greatly the Lord used Moses after he stepped out in obedience to the Lord. Imagine if he would have denied God's request due to his lack of confidence in himself, He never would have experienced God using him in one of the mightiest ways ever known to man. Sometimes the first step of obedience can be praying for the Lords guidance, grace, and assistance in a given situation, followed by obeying whatever answer He gives next. Please don't rob yourself of experiencing what God truly has for you due to fear and a wrong view point of yourself. We have to understand that we don't have to do anything alone, but God wants to assist us in every area of our lives. When God opens doors for us many of us look at our past experience and failure which has been in our own strength, and try to expect the same results and limitations although God is willing to help us and strengthen us above human limitation. There are some out there who have had businesses fail because they tried to build it in their own strength and knowledge instead of calling on the Lord for divine guidance. There are some who were supposed to have successful businesses, music careers, ministries and so much more, but they never stepped out because they were too focused on their own limitations instead of the Lords power to assist them. If this is something you struggle don't give up, take it to the Lord knowing His arms are open and He's anxious to display His love and power to you.


Heavenly Father, forgive me for all the times I've been like Moses and looked to my own weakness and insecurity instead of you. I pray you empower me through your grace to trust and lean on you. I know I am weak in myself but I now you are more than enough to raise me above any given situation. I pray that you strengthen me over__(confess struggle you want help with) and help me to become what you've called me to be. I pray you reveal to me any area I have maybe unknowingly allowed my own limitations to keep me from stepping out into something you desire to empower and help me with. I'm thankful I am not alone and you are there for me, help me to understand this, I receive all of these blessings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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