Thursday, January 17, 2013


Written By: @IsrealSpeaks


Read: Matthew 7:25-34

Everyday we are faced with obstacles and trials that could easily pull us into doubt and worry. In today's society, especially in this country there is a large influence of anxiety and worry. Most of us are programmed and predisposed to worry and stress over issues of life. This culture teaches us everything is dependent on us, and if we want anything we have to make it happen; so once beginning a relationship with the Lord it can be very difficult learning to trust the Lord to provide our needs. In His word the Lord promises us as long as we place Him first in our lives all things we need will be provided for us. He knows every need we have, years before we ever need it, but when in stressful situations, and worry begins to set in, it is very easy to begin to feel as if God isn't there. When the Lord tells us not to worry, He understands that we are human, and many times our flesh will rise up, but what the Lord is more concerned with is how we handle worry and fear once they begin to set in. He desires that our fear and worry draw us closer to lean and depend on Him. Nothing good ever comes out of worry, the medical field has proven through research that stress is the equivalent to poison in the human body. Verse 27 of today's reading raised the question "who by worrying can add even a single hour to their life?" The interesting thing about this question is stress and worry actually shortens our life through the affects it has on the body. In this materialistic and labor driven society, it's very easy to fall into the trap of finding our security in our job or means of livelihood. What the Lord wants us to understand is that He is the ultimate source of our security, that it's not our job that's our security but Him who provides through the job. It took me a while to understand this truth. During the first few years of my Christian walk the Lord taught me this Himself. I had always kept a pretty good job, and led a fairly comfortable life. The Lord allowed me to lose that job, to open the door to experience a much greater trust and intimacy with Him. When I first lost my job I was stressed! I also had roommates and I knew when the first of the month came they'd be looking to me for my rent, the pressure was on. I put in applications everywhere, it seemed like all the doors were shutting in my face; every time it seemed like things were gonna open up for me they would fall through leaving me in deeper stress and disappointment. This cycle continued for weeks, circumstances forced me to go into my savings and spend all of my money before the door opened for me. It wasn't a physical door in the form of finances or a job but a spiritual door. A friend of mines mom was a prophetess (meaning she could hear the voice of God) back at this stage of my walk this idea was new to me so I was a little skeptical, once hearing my situation she prayed with me then told me that the Lord was blocking me from getting a job because He wanted to teach me to trust Him to be my provider. He spoke through her and told me to draw close and trust Him that He would provide for all of my needs. This was very difficult for me, first because the Lord was showing me His love as a Father by providing for me, but my earthly father who I could see had never provided, so it was hard to trust Him, who I couldn't see to come through for me; secondly I had roommates and they were looking at me like I was crazy and just being lazy, they didn't understand and I didn't expect them to; I knew it seemed crazy, but what resulted changed all of our lives forever. For the next seven months the Lord provided my part of the rent and even a portion of one of my roommates after he had to move out due to physical health conditions. He provided for me every month in a completely new way, it was crazy! Sometimes He would even wait until the fourth to provide the money to test my faith and show me I could trust Him. I wish I could say that I trusted Him through the entire process and had no worries but that is so far from the truth. Through the entire process I stressed from the 20th of every month until the rent was paid for that month, many times asking God to just let me get a job and praying for a way out; but afterwards I am so thankful for Him allowing me to go through that experience because it has completely changed me as a person and the way I view finances and the Lord. Since that experience I have a freedom now with financial issues like I'd never had before.  There's a peace now in storms I'd never felt before. Don't get me wrong I still have my days and many other areas I have to grow to trust Him in, but the result of that period of my life I wouldn't change for the world. He used that situation not only for me but for my roommates as well, they got to see God work in someone's life first hand. Sometimes God may allow certain storms in our life, so others around us may see His glory in how He rescues us. I challenge you: the next time an issue arises, and those feelings of fear and worry begin, let them push you closer to The Lord and cry out to Him to rescue you.


Heavenly Father your word says I shouldn't worry, I want to be free of worry, but right now I have .....(name your issue) on my heart. I pray for your peace and provision. I trust you to work this out, and handle it in such a way that it will build my trust in you. I know I don't understand everything but you do, I won't go by the way things look but will try my best to rest in your peace and faith that you will deliver me. However you work this out, I know that it will be for my good. Im thankful I can trust in you, fill me with your spirit and teach me your ways. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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