Monday, January 21, 2013

INSPIRATION: Standing On God's Word

Written By: @IsrealSpeaks

Standing On Gods Word

Read: Matthew 8:18-27

Recently we've been covering Gods commandment "not to worry", and the importance of keeping our focus on Him in a storm. Today's scripture gives a perfect illustration of the importance of standing on Gods word in a storm. It starts with Jesus giving his disciples orders to "cross to the other side of the lake" in a boat. This symbolizes Gods promises, commandments, and His word. The Lord has promised us if we seek Him and His kingdom first, He will provide all of our needs. We see once they got on the water a terrible storm shortly followed, this symbolizes the storms that usually do come when we are seeking the Lord and standing on His word. Psalms 34:19 tells us "the righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers them from them all." If you have truly received Jesus as your savior, you are righteous in Gods eyes, not based on what you do, but on what Jesus did on the cross and your relationship with Him. This makes you an enemy of Satan and he will do whatever he can to bring trouble and attempt to cause you to doubt Gods word. God wants His word to mean more to us than even what things may look like in the natural. Which brings us to the next scripture, where we see in the middle of the storm, "Jesus was sleeping." This represents the times in the storm where it seems as if God has forgotten about you or isn't anywhere around from the way things appear. His being asleep in the boat with them also represents the Lord always being with us in the storm. Next we see the disciples awoke Jesus in fear. He arose and after telling them that had little faith, the storm calmed. This is an interesting scripture which confused me for some time. I couldn't understand why the Lord told them they had little faith. But He pointed out to me, before they ever got on the water, He told them to go to the other side, and if He told them to go He'd make sure they arrived safely. I try to put myself in the story when reading the bible so I can imagine what the people must've felt and I'm sure if I was in the shoes of the disciples my reaction to the storm would've been the same. But the Lord desires that we stand on His word no matter what things may look like. Sometimes this may mean us coming before the Lord and expressing how we feel, what we see and reminding Him of what He said. Remember faith isn't as much of an emotion as it is an action. Jesus calming the storm shows Gods almighty power, and ability to end any storm in our life with just a word. There is no issue too big for the Lord, all things are in His hands. God desires our love, trust and affection.

Heavenly Father, I desire to be able to stand on your word and not what I see. I wanna walk by faith and not by sight. Lord strengthen my ability to trust in your word. Teach me to seek you and your kingdom first before anything else. Position me for growth and breakthrough in the spirit. Free me from my dependency on what I see over what you've said. I thank you for your word and love, I praise you and pray in Jesus name Amen

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