Thursday, January 24, 2013

INSPIRATION: Renewing Your Mind

Written By: @IsrealSpeaks

Renewing Your Mind

Read: Romans 12:2

Many believe the mind is the most important part of the body; it is the central point of the bodies functions. It's been said that our mind is the battlefield of the christian life, which is very true in many respects. Satan begins all temptations in the mind, he knows if he can get our mind to think and believe what he wants it to, he can control us. After giving my life to the Lord, I found myself many times struggling to change my lifestyle. I had a relationship with the Lord but I hadn't seen the growth and change within myself I had wanted to see. After crying out to the Lord on the issue, He began revealing to me the importance of the mind and its role in the christian walk. The reason I hadnt seen a change in my life was because I hadnt worked to change my mindset after coming to the Lord. Sure I went to church and read the bible pretty regularly, but that wasnt what was needed for my change to come. The Lord began showing me that going to church and reading occasionaly wasnt going to make a change unless I had the intention to change my mind and thinking process. Todays scripture tells us not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. We have all been conformed to the way of the world in some form or fashion, some more than others but all none the least. Growing up in this world conforms us to it, we get many of our belief systems and ideas from it. When conformed to the world it becomes very hard to walk in faith in certain areas because the world responds to things different than the kingdom of God does. So this conformity in many ways can hinder us from experiencing a deeper intimacy and experience with God. The scripture says be transformed by the renewing of our mind, revealing that our transformation into what God has called us to be is directly tied to us renewing our mind. The more we renew our mind with the help of God the more we will see transformation in our life. The bible pretty much speaks on any issue in life, so any issue we face we can find scripture to stand on to give us faith and renew our mind. The more we meditate on scripture and lift up our issues to God we will see our mindset toward our issues begin to change. For years I was plagued by the temptation to give in to masterbation. I would fall over and over again, repent and sometimes even the same day fall into the same sin. Once the Lord revealed to me it was Him who would deliver me not my own strength but that I could study His word and what HE says about lust and sexual immorality to grow in that area. The more I stood on those scriptures, they began transforming my thought process, opening me up to think and see my sin the way God saw it. This gave me more power over my temptation. Dont get me wrong there were still struggles afterwards but I was much better equipped to fight back and stand in the Lord. Renewing our mind can be a tough process, but it is a process none the less, meaning its no overnight thing. It requires us getting intentional about renewing our minds to the heart of God. All of us have thought patterns, view points, desires, fears and more that dont line up with what God wants for us. What God wants us to do is to take those things and lay them at His throne and find a scripture speaking on that subject and study it. The more the scripture is meditated on the more it will transform the mind. I challenge you to find one thought process, struggle or viewpoint you have that doesnt line up with the word of God; find a scripture that speaks on that subject and try to memorize it. Remember you dont have to do it alone, lift up your voice to the Lord and ask Him to assist you in the renewing of your mind.


Heavenly Father, your word says that my transformation comes by the renewing of my mind. I pray that you help me in renewing my mind, reveal to me what in my mindset needs to be renewed. I desire to be everything you desire me to be, but I need your help to open my heart and renew my mindset to yours. I thank you that I dont have to change these things myself and that its you who will bring my transformation. I am thankful and I praise you Lord, in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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