Monday, January 14, 2013

INSPIRATION: The Hidden Truth In The Heart (Part 2)

Written By: @IsrealSpeaks

The Hidden Truth In The Heart Part:2

Read: Jeremiah 17:9-10

Friday, we covered a little about the heart, the role it plays in our life, and the importance of lifting our struggles to the Lord so He can reveal why we struggle. Proverbs 27:19 tells us that "ones life reflects their heart." Most of the issues and things in our life are a direct reflection of what's in our heart. Today's scripture speaks of our inability to understand the heart, and how the Lord searches, and understands our hearts. The human body is like a computer, it takes every experience its ever had and forms its beliefs and emotions from them.  We could never recall every experience from infancy forward we've ever had, but those experiences still affect us whether we remember them or not. To the Lord however, there is nothing in our hearts hidden from Him. He sees every hurt, fear, lie, struggle, and insecurity, and understands them fully. He even knows every forgotten life experience that formed them and is more than willing to show us if we come before His throne asking for understanding. All of us have been held back from the blessings of the Lord at one point or another due to fears, voids, and mental strongholds. Strongholds are viewpoints and beliefs we have that are false and contrary to the word of God. Many times strongholds are so deeply planted we dont even know that we have them. For years I struggled severely with low self esteem, feelings of inadequacy, and a fear of rejection which caused extreme shyness. These strongholds were being formed from the womb, I was convinced that shyness was a part of my personality! It was so hard for me to be myself, I was driven by others opinion of me. Even once I realized there were flaws in my thinking it seemed nearly impossible to reverse the power and effects they had in my life; I was powerless. As I begin laying my desire to be free from those struggles before the Lord, He began opening my eyes to understand the lies and strongholds that had given those feelings power over me. I soon found that all these lies had been instilled through experiences with my family, peers, and past failures. Satan was the cause of most of these experiences and used them to support the lies he wanted me to believe. As the Lord revealed to me the lies of the enemy, and began to show me how false and irrational they were, He also showed me the truth not only about those experiences but also about myself and how He felt about me? This gave me power over those lies and made the emotions invalid that had once crippled me, giving me the option to choose what I wanted to believe. I could continue to believe the lie or choose to renew my mind to what God said about me which is the ultimate truth. The lie that I wasn't wanted, accepted, or capable was replaced with the truth that I was accepted by Him, and I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Don't get me wrong this was no overnight process, some battles were easier than others, but it took a diligence in renewing my mind, and reminding myself of the truth. The bible tells us the truth will "set us free." As we lay our struggles before Him, the Lord will show us the truth about any given situation, fear, stronghold, or habit, and set us free as we grow in our understanding of them. It's sad so many people are held back from life changing intimacy with the Lord because no one has told them of the endless benefits of having a relationship with Him. Many hear a lot of rules they have to follow, and how much they need to change, but they never hear about Gods desire to help them change, or the peace and understanding that comes from just being in His presence. Please don't let any flaw or sin keep you from the Lord, don't try to wait until you get things together, or are ready to change. Having a relationship with Him has completely changed me as a person, and helped me to find my true life's purpose. The more I learn about Him, the better I understand myself.


Lord, I believe what your word says: that you search my heart and understand. I lift my heart up to you and pray that you examine it. I alone cannot understand my heart but you do. Help me to understand my heart and my self much more. Reveal to me any strongholds and lies of the enemy I've accepted in my life. Remind me of memories and experiences that have scarred me, and affected me negatively. I want what you have for me, prepare me to receive your blessings. I declare freedom over all influences of the enemy in my life. Fill me with your spirit and guide me, I pray that by your holy spirit you will reveal to me every area in my life I'm walking in defeat, by your spirit show me every habit and struggle I have that's connected to a deeper heart condition. I trust you to cleanse and free me from all deception, I'm thankful for you and your love, in Jesus name I pray Amen.

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