Friday, January 11, 2013

INSPIRATION: The Hidden Truth In The Heart: Part 1


The Hidden Truth In The Heart: Part 1

Read: Proverbs 27:19

In the bible the heart represents our soul (our mind, will, and emotions.) What we think about plays a huge part in our christian walk. Our thoughts determine our emotions toward any given situation which influences the decisions we make. The bible says, "a man is as he thinketh", meaning how we view ourselves and our life determines how it will be.
Once we receive salvation, the bible tells us we instantly become a new creation. The issue that most of us face is, once receiving our renewed spirit, is dealing with a unrenewed heart which can many times cause a lot of difficulty in our new journey. We, being humans, are creatures of habit, meaning what we've been used to doing is what our body naturally wants to continue doing. Working out our salvation is a process of retraining our heart to walk in obedience to the Lords will. Many times the root to why we struggle can remain hidden if we don't allow the Lord to shine light on that area and explain it to us, but this first requires us bringing whatever it is we struggle with to the Lord and asking Him to show us if there is anything deeper that is preventing us from gaining victory over a particular sin or situation. After giving my life to the Lord, there was a constant struggle with fornication. Over and over I would fall into this same sin. Out of guilt, I would promise the Lord I wouldn't do it again, only to fall into the same sin all over again. Sometimes even the same day! It was a very tough process for me, but once led by the holy spirit to lay my sin before the Lord, He showed me where my stumbling block was. He helped me understand my struggle, which the enemy had set the groundwork for, before I was even born. My mom had been kidnapped and raped two years before I was born, so as an infant she had trouble receiving and giving me affection due to what she was dealing with. At three years old my dad got up and left my mom to raise me alone. Once reaching grade school though I had friends, there was always a small group of children who didn't like me that would attempt to bully and pick on me. Once reaching college, fornication had unconsciously become my temporary means of acceptance. The danger of the heart is that it begins being formed before we are ever even aware of it, making it impossible in our own strength to understand our deepest scars. Psychology shows that Infants look to those closest to them to see how they should feel about everything including themselves. This allows satan to begin forming false beliefs in us from an infant so that once we come to the Lord and try to begin walking with Him, we are already at a disadvantage and in need of healing. God showed me, satan used my mom's scars to tell me the lie that neither I nor my love was wanted or accepted. He further engraved that into my psyche when my dad left my family, so once reaching grade school I already had a mindset of rejection and hurt I didn't even know was there. So the children picking on me was extremely effective in cementing the lies the enemy had instilled in me. Once reaching college I had a huge void and strong desire for acceptance and affection, causing me to struggle much more deeply with approval addiction and fornication. It had become a way of temporary filling the void I felt inside. Laying my sin before the Lord allowed Him to highlight my voids and need for healing, which eventually brought much more understanding of my struggle and increased my intimacy with the Lord. Most sins are usually a way of temporarily trying to fill a void that only God can truly heal.


Heavenly Father I lay my heart open before you. Shine your light on my heart and let me see it for what it is. Cleanse my soul, reveal to me hidden scars, voids and strongholds that lay hidden from my sight. Begin the healing process in my life, and do it in such a way that will increase my intimacy with you. I don't understand the roots of my struggles but you do. I pray you will make it clear to me. Reveal to me what events molded any false view points I have of myself, my life, and even you. Your word says you died so I can be healed. I thank you for your sacrifice and receive my healing in the name of Jesus. Thank you for your love and understanding. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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