Monday, January 28, 2013

INSPIRATION: Going Through The Furnace

Written By: @IsrealSpeaks

Going Through The Furnace

Read: Daniel 3

Today's reading selection holds deep spiritual incite into the heart of God and His desire for us. The first time I read this story on my own the Lord revealed to me spiritual truth on how fragile in my faith I had been. In the story we see three young men brought before the king for not bowing down to his idol. The first thing that stood out to me was their strength, courage, and passion for the Lord; that alone is motivating! Sometimes we forget that the characters in the bible were real people with real emotions just like us. We have the same ability and even more than they did because we have the Holy Spirit within us once we are born again. After praying to the Lord for their passion, the Lord revealed that the reason they were able to stand their ground the way they did was because they knew God on a deep personal level. They had spent quality time with the Lord seeking Him and getting to know Him. Today's society offers us so much distraction that it can easily pull us away from seeking the Lord, but to reach true intimacy with the Lord it requires more than just going to church on Sunday. It requires a real relationship with Him, this involves reading His word, talking to Him (praying), and worshipping Him. The next thing the Lord pointed out to me was their willingness to go into the furnace whether God rescued them or not. Many of us are only willing to worship, follow, and believe God if He does what we want Him to do. Sometimes our commitment to Him can become very conditional which is not love at all. Love is the main thing the Lord is seeking from us. He wants us to love and honor Him no matter whats going on in our life. He desires a real relationship with us. None of us wants a relationship with a person that we know doesn't really love us with all their heart but just wants us because we have something they want. We are made in Gods image so we have the same desire for true love and relationships with others. After declining the kings request we see the three young men being thrown into the furnace, there is so much revelation in this part of the story. First off, the men the king ordered to throw them into the furnace where burned alive and killed by the fire but the three young men were fine! This represents Gods hand of protection and love for His chosen vessels and those who love Him, with God on our side we are able to go through and overcome things that would normally destroy the average person but with God all things are possible. The next thing God revealed to me through this scripture blew my mind; He had me examine the three men's attitude in this story and then showed me how fragile my faith was. The young men in this story trusted God before being thrown in the furnace but also while being thrown in the furnace! The Lord revealed to me my faith and how it differed from their's. I was always afraid of hardship, so anytime some kind of challenge would come into my life I would have faith for the Lord to prevent me from going through it, but if He didn't and I found myself having to go through it, I would doubt Him and wouldn't believe that maybe He wanted to take me through it. Many times in life we are expecting God to rescue us from some things He wants to take us through. It's the going through the fire with the Lord that really opens our eyes to see His great strength, power, and love for us. God many times will use situations we go through with Him to strengthen our relationship with Him. If we don't go through experiences where the Lord has rescued us and shown Himself faithful, we will have no testimony or depth to relationship and belief in Him. Those three men going through the furnace with the Lord and coming out alive changed everyone who saw it. Many times God wants others to see Him take us through a situation so they can see God in our life. Sometimes our relationship with God is the closest some people will get to seeing God, so us being willing to trust God and follow Him wherever He may lead is so vital. The Lord then showed me, after leaving the furnace the king who was persecuting them, honored them and promoted them. When God is taking us through a storm many times there will be people from the outside looking in who will have plenty of negativity and judgements to speak, but if we hold on and keep our focus on the Lord; once He delivers us they will have seen the Lord firsthand and will change in their viewpoint of God. Second we see they were promoted; many times after passing through the furnace the Lord will promote us. There is something about going through the furnace with the Lord that changes us and strengthens our trust in the Lord so we can then handle being promoted. I challenge you to look within yourself and examine your heart. Are you only willing to follow the Lord if He does what you desire? Are you willing to stand for the Lord through hardship and persecution?


Heavenly Father, I lay my heart before you. Reveal to me where I don't trust you. Show me where my love for you has been conditional. For this I repent and pray you forgive me, give me faith like the three men you took through the furnace. I want to know you better than they did, I want others to see your power and existence through my life. Mold me into what you've called me to be, prepare me for promotion so I can handle it when it comes. Holy Spirit from this day forward please show me when I'm trying to avoid something the Lord wants to take me through and give me the grace to endure, knowing the Lord will keep me from harm. I am thankful for your loving mercy, please guide and direct me by your spirit. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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