Wednesday, January 9, 2013

INSPIRATION: Drawing Near To God

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Read: James 4:8

Yesterday we spoke on Gods desire to have an intimate relationship with us, and His eager desire to care for us, as we learn to lay our burdens at His feet. Learning this biblical exercise is essential to our development as mature christians, for it allows us to witness Gods working in our own lives firsthand. Another truth that has been vital in my growing with the Lord has been James 4:8. Every level of the Christian walk weighs on this scripture, from salvation to intimacy. Every aspect of our growing closer to God requires us in some form or fashion, first making the effort to draw closer to Him. God, though filled with love and an extreme desire to have us closer to Him, will never override the gift of free will He's given us; its always our choice, but its vital to understand that drawing close to God doesnt require being perfect. I've met so many people saved and unsaved, who's sin and condemnation have kept them from drawing near to the Lord and communing with Him. Some of them desire to be closer to the Lord, but feel they have to change their lives before coming to the Lord. This could never be further from the truth, if this was the case it would defeat the entire purpose of Jesus coming to the cross. He died on the cross because He knew we couldn't get our lives together within ourselves. God understands our sinful nature even better than we do, He knows when it comes to overcoming sin in our own power we are helpless. He desires that we draw near to Him with all of our sins and burdens, and allow Him to assist us in the process of cleansing our hearts desires and freeing us from sin. Our sin shouldn't push us further away from the Lord but should push us closer to Him. God desires a deep relationship with us, not us being perfect, and it's through the relationship with us that He cleanses us. If those struggling with this viewpoint could hear the Lord they would hear Him saying:
"My child I love and desire you with all my heart. Please don't let your sin keep you away from me, I love you in spite of your sin; and desire to be close to you. I know you have hurts, struggles, and fears. I know you have some sinful desires you don't even want to change right now, but don't let that keep you from my throne. Cry out to me, and let me be your strength. Draw near to me so I can draw near to you, I will cleanse you and change your hearts desires. You are my workmanship! Allow me to reveal myself to you. I know the doubts you struggle with! Lay them at my throne and allow me to show you the full truth."

Drawing close to God is just pushing to get in His presence and know Him. Starting out, it may seem boring, but as you continue to cry out and seek Him, once experiencing Him and His presence is life changing (it is by far one of the best feelings on earth). This could be done through reading the bible, going to church, listening to sermons, and one of the biggest is prayer which is basically just talking to God. The first step to drawing close to the Lord is lifting your voice up to Him to begin the process, if you're not really sure how to pray, its ok! Below is a prayer to pray along with, to begin that process:


Heavenly Father, I desire to draw near to you. I have many struggles and sins that I battle daily, but I pray that you will draw me closer to you. Fill me with your spirit and reveal yourself to me. Pour out your spirit over my life and allow me to experience your presence. Give me a desire to be closer to you and to know you. Forgive me of my past sins, and cleanse me of my flaws. Help me to continue pushing closer to you even when I do make mistakes. Give me a revelation of your love and what you really did on the cross. I pray you will bring people into my life that will help me draw closer to you. I pray you will remove all distractions, hurts, and fears that keep me from you. Allow me to see things as they really are, and pour out your supernatural wisdom and understanding upon me. I thank you for the love that you have for me and I want you to be the Lord of my life. Give me your holy spirit, teach me to build this relationship with you and make me your own. I love and thank you! In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

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