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INSPIRATION: Dealing With Storms In Life

Written By: @IsrealSpeaks

Dealing With Storms In Life

Read: Matthew 14:28-36

All of us face storms in our lives, adversity is a part of the human experience. It's usually through adversity and struggles that our relationship and trust in the Lord is grown. Today's scripture gives a perfect illustration of what God desires our response in storms to be, and how to rise above them. No hardship comes into our life, that the Lord isn't aware of, He knows of the hardship way before we ever even enter into it and always has a plan for us in it. It's important in hardship to respond as Peter did. In His fear He cried out to the Lord to tell Him to "come out on the water." This symbolizes us in our fear, turning first to the Lord and asking Him to strengthen us to rise above the storm in faith that He will deliver us. No matter what kind of storm enters our life, if we are rested in the Lord and His peace, we will be capable of walking above the storm in such a way, those around us will get to see the power of God in our life by the way we handle the storm.
As we continue to read we see that faith in the Lord empowered Peter to step out of the boat and walk on water! Through faith in the Lord he was able to accomplish what was humanly impossible for Him to achieve in his own abilities. Likewise, when we allow our hardships to push us to lean on the Lords strength, He empowers us to do what we normally could never do within ourself. It wasn't until Peter took His eyes off of the Lord and focused on the wind in the storm that He began to sink. This is what happens when we take our focus off of the Lord and focus on our storm, anytime we focus on our storm instead of the Lord, unbelief will naturally be the result. It is so important that we stay in the Lords presence, focusing on Him and His ability to rescue us out of any storm. This could be reading His word, listening to sermons about what we're going through or just worshipping Him. Always remember faith is a choice not a feeling. The bible says, "faith comes by hearing the word of God"; So the times when our faith is being tested are the times we need to feed on the Lords word the most. We can't always control what happens in our life but we do have power over how we react to it. God wants to help us in everything, even our unbelief. We see as Peter began sinking due to unbelief He cried out to the Lord and He was there to save Him. If we are having trouble trusting the Lord we can even lay our unbelief at His feet and receive grace to help our unbelief; but it's all about making the effort to seek the Lords help and keeping our eyes on Him and not our storm. This took time for me to learn, I always thought faith was something I had to have on my own, but over the years the Lord has shown me that in my weakness if im rested in, and dependent on Him I become my strongest through Him. For years I found it a little harsh that the Lord told Peter that he had little faith for doubting, because I knew I would have probably reacted the same way in this situation, but the Lord revealed to me His heart in the matter. The Lord is almighty and capable of anything; He has created everything and holds everything together. He has no limitations and is capable of doing anything He desires, so in any given situation the Lord knows that if we really believed just how capable and willing He is, we would have no problem keeping our eyes on Him, but because we doubt that He's capable or willing we fall into focusing on our storms instead of Him. I challenge you to push yourself the next time you find yourself in a storm no matter how big or small to lay it at the Lords feet and push to keep your focus fixed on Him. We weren't designed to go through storms alone, but to cling to the Lord knowing He can walk on water! Lol.

Heavenly Father, I thank you, your word says you will never leave me nor forsake me. Lord I need your help, I'm currently dealing with......(say your storm). I pray for your guidance and peace, help me through this storm in such a way that others will see your glory when you bring me out of it. Lord help my unbelief if there's any area of my heart that doesn't believe you. Give me your grace and empower me to walk above this storm, Holy Spirit grace me and help me to keep my focus on you Lord and not my storm. Draw me close to you and help me to rest in you. I thank you Lord Jesus for your help and grace, right now by faith I receive your grace, your peace, and your divine provision. I thank you in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

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