Monday, November 12, 2012

SMH: A Message To My Rapist: Girl Breaks Down And Puts Her Father On Blast For Raping Her At 4 Yrs Old

Brie Lybrand describes herself as "The New Orleans Beauty Guru" on her youtube channel. Lybrand is a former beauty pageant star who posts videos giving beauty and shopping tutorials under the name My Red Solara.

On October 29th Brie shocked her subscribers by posting a very different kind of video titled "A Message To My Rapist." In it she describes how the man who raped and molested her from the ages 4-13 had just subscribed to her. That man happens to be her own father, Steven Bressler.

"I just got an email from YouTube saying that the man who raped me for most of my life subscribed to me," she says. "The man that took my virginity, robbed me of an innocence has subscribed to me on YouTube and is watching my videos. I never got to testify in court against this man. I never got to say what it feels like being tied up and chained and tortured for hours when you're 4-years old by your father."

Brie goes on to detail her accusations against her father.

"My father, Steven Bressler, molested, tortured and raped me from the time I was four until I was 13 years old. He tried to kill my mother in front of me many times. One night she laid over my body so he couldn't and he beat her teeth in. Took them all out of her mouth. And I watched my mother in a pool of her own blood. And then he came after me. And I just laid there as quiet as humanly possible because I thought he would kill me." she says.

Brie, who graduated from Tulane University with a Theatre degree says she now carries a collection of guns around in case her father comes back. She shows three of them in the video.

"I don't have to be afraid anymore. Let me show you my weapon collection, dad," she says. "I carry guns everywhere I go in case you decide to show up. You're never going to touch me again, I'm ready for you. If you don't cross my path, I won't cross yours."

This is how Brie normally looks in her videos.

Brie is now a teacher. She tells her father that she teaches kids hoping that she gives them better opportunities than she was given growing up.

"I've grown up to be a great woman and I teach kids. I teach kids everyday that have the innocence that you took from me. I teach them and I try to give them a better world than what was given to me," she explains.

Check the video out below. Warning, the content is graphic.

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